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    1. Where do i get the warranty?

    We provide free replacement for three months and free maintenance within one year, you can contact us at any time through our after-sales email support @

    2. Can it be washed by water?

    No use cleaning oil

    3. What is the actuall minimal length in mm? Is it really 0mm as shown?

    FADEKING hair clippers can cut to 5-8mm short, FADEKING hair trimmer can cut to 4-5mm short, and 0mm can be achieved by professional adjustment.

    4. Where can i fet replaceable blades

    Wahl fade blade fits

    5. Do these clippers stay cool to clients skin after extended use

    Yes, please rest assured that our hair clippers have been tested by many professional barbers, and there is no fever after long-term use.

    6. Does the top blade have grooves?

    Hello, the answer is Yes.

    7.How long can it run on a single charge?

    About 5 hours. I love the packaging and the quality of the clippers. I use very often.
    any more you want to know, pls email: